*All of the rates listed are the BEFORE tax rate


Rates below effective after Monday 3/2/15

Before 12:00 Rate

18 Holes                                                         $70.00
9 Holes                                                           $38.00

After 12:00 Rate

18 Holes                                                         $55.00
9 Holes                                                           $38.00

After 2:30 Walking Special

9 Holes Walking                                          $26.50
18 Holes Walking                                        $38.50

After 3:30 Special

Riding- Up to 18 Holes                              $38.50

Big Summer Card

18 Holes Before 12:00                               N/A
18 Holes After 12:00                                   N/A
9 Holes                                                            N/A

Non-Members are not allowed to walk before 2:30 PM. However, Non-Members may choose to walk if playing with a Member that is also walking.

Special Pricing

The after 3:30 PM special entitles the golfer to play up to 18 holes before dark

Book your tee time online or call 941-474-1753

VISA, MasterCard, Discover Card, and American Express are accepted for all purchases at Myakka Pines Golf Club.